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3 Dimensional Catering & Events

Sustainability Culture


3 Dimensional Catering & Events Culture rules, language, and of course, cuisine. Our Culture defines and delights us - it is the driving force of our commitment to you.

Our Vision...Today & Tomorrow

Sustainability Culture

We envision a community nourished by selfless difference-makers. We find the world as it is. If we hope to leave the world as we wish it to be, then we must commit ourselves to make a difference. Every one of us is a force for change if we choose to be. And at 3 Dimensional Catering & Events, we have created a choice to improve the lives of those with whom we share this fantastic and fragile world. We invite you to join us.

Our Mission...Yes, We Have Chosen to Accept It

Customized Experiences that Surpass Expectations


At 3 Dimensional Catering & Events, we design and produce food, beverage, and hospitality experiences that surprise, delight and satiate. From the introduction to ideation, from selection to execution, 3 Dimensional Catering & Events provides clients and community members, we engage with the highest standards of product, service, and celebration.


But it doesn't stop there. It starts with our team members. We challenge one another to rise To every occasion and to rise Above our stations. We create opportunities for development, advancement, and contribution, and we celebrate determination, achievement, and collaboration.


Our Core Values...Guiding Us Every Day Inspire Passion


The inimitable Steve Jobs said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." We couldn't agree more. Every member of the 3 Dimensional Catering & Events team, from the Owner to the Head Bottle Washer, shares an obsessive commitment to excellence in all that we do. And it is our distinct privilege to share our Passion with you.


Integrity Always


Here we could do that thing where someone writes the dictionary definition of integrity. Well, we'd instead tell you that we challenge ourselves always to do what we think is right to fulfill our Mission of surpassing expectations. We also can tell you that we are not perfect, and when our imperfection comes through, we do everything in our power to make it right. That's our definition of Integrity.


At 3 Dimensional Catering & Events we laugh a lot. We know that life is short, so we do our best to create experiences that add joy, excitement daily. We celebrate each day, especially for members of our team. After all, we need to start there if we're ever going to make a significant impact with you. 

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